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Plastic bag ban boosts sales of bin liners Down Under

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The efficacy of the plastic bag ban recently introduced in Canberra, Australia, is being called into question after a leading supermarket revealed that bin liner sales have rocketed since the new law came into effect.

Grocery giant Coles said that bin liner sales have increased by a whopping 29 per cent since the law – which bans the provision of plastic bags thinner than 35 microns, typically the kind distributed by supermarkets and takeaways – came into effect on November 1. Commented Jon Church, Coles’ Head of Communications, “Wherever plastic bag bans have been introduced, we see an increase in sales of bin liners as customers no longer have single-use carrier bags available which many households use for disposing of their waste. It is well reported that following the South Australian ban, sales of bin liners across all retailers doubled.” Coles and rival chain Woolworths have been charging for thicker carrier bags since the ban was introduced.

Alistair Coe, Liberal MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) in ACT (Australian Capital Territory), has claimed that the figures call into question the government’s reasons for the ban. “It goes to show that the plastic bag ban is putting an extra cost on the weekly bills of Canberra families,” he said, “but in addition to that, it shows that the consumption of plastic bags is perhaps remaining steady.” The new laws were passed by the ACT government with the support of the Greens, while the Liberals voted against it.